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Jinggangshan Staff Education and Training Center was awarded the red advanced training unit

Jinggang azaleas open again, early spring March good news。After rigorous assessment and relevant meeting research, Jiangxi Federation of Trade Unions Jinggangshan Staff Education and Training Center won the honorary title of "2019 Jinggangshan Red Training Advanced Unit"。

Excellent team leads excellent talents, first-class management creates first-class quality。The quality of teaching and scientific research is the window that reflects the overall development level and comprehensive strength of an institution, and it is truly the most valuable intangible assets and the most important cultural brand。In recent years,The center continuously optimizes the teaching staff,Devote oneself to teaching and research,Focus on strengthening academic exchanges,Strive to build a systematic teaching and research team and working mechanism,Independently developed and opened a series of "double red experience" and other courses,And actively promote the construction of Jinggangshan teaching practice base with China Institute of Labor Relations。After the accumulation and innovation in recent years, the teaching and research work of the center has reached a new level。At present, the education and teaching facilities of the center are becoming more and more perfect, with complete functions, and modern hardware equipment such as the most advanced LED display screen and electronic book reader in the province。The center is also committed to the construction of infrastructure and the improvement of the campus environment, beautification, lighting has been effective, the campus inside and outside the beautiful environment, strong learning atmosphere, efficient logistics support, to provide students with a comfortable learning place and a good learning experience。The spirit of "strong quality, external image.,Be innovative and forge ahead",High level of teaching and service to support the concept of high quality development,The training scope of the center has been continuously expanded,Now, more than 10,000 outstanding employee representatives such as trade union cadres and model workers have been trained,Top of the national union colleges,The training business has covered all provinces (municipalities and autonomous regions) and many well-known universities and central enterprises,Good feedback from trainees。In 2018, the center was rated as a national demonstration school for the education and training of trade union cadres by teaching evaluation。This time, the Center and China Executive Leadership Academy Jinggangshan and other four public colleges were awarded the "Jinggangshan Red Training Advanced Unit", which is another fruit of years of hard work, positive progress and continuous development。

Achievements and affirmation are cherished, and we are full of confidence in the future and development。New school year new journey, JinggangMountain staff education and training center will continue as before,Forge ahead with determination,Pragmatic innovation,We will continue to promote the construction of teaching quality,Strive to create a more distinctive teaching characteristics brand,High quality response to the All-China Federation of Trade Unions on strengthening the ideological and political guidance of workers and Jiangxi Federation of Trade Unions on the new expectations of our school's "red brand, trade union characteristics" education development。2020 marks the 25th anniversary of the establishment of Jinggangshan Employee Education and Training Center。Looking back on the road, it can be said that they have endured hardships and endured hardships;Looking forward to the new era, just rise from the ashes, the phoenix nirvana。We firmly believe that under the strong leadership of Jiangxi Federation of Trade Unions,Under the care and concern of all sides,Jinggangshan staff education and training center will continue to improve the political position,Constantly strengthen responsibility,Focus on political, advanced and mass nature,Strict governance of the school,Characteristic school running;Can definitely reform and innovate,Gather strength,Go straight ahead,To cultivate a loyal, clean and professional team of high-quality trade union cadres and build a team of industrial workers who have ideals and convictions, understand technology and innovation, and dare to contribute to dedication。

Behind the honor is unremitting effort。All the time,Jinggangshan staff Education and training Center has always been "based in Jinggang, red leadership, characteristic school, service staff" for the purpose,To "build first-class institutions,Temper first-class teachers,Create first-class students "as the goal,To improve the teaching and service level as a starting point,Under the correct leadership of Jiangxi Federation of Trade Unions and the support and help of the local Party committee government,All key tasks were carried out smoothly,A number of innovative reform measures have been implemented steadily,It gives full play to the role of Jinggangshan red education resources in promoting characteristic teaching and innovative development,Constantly polish bright school brand,The educational and cultural atmosphere is increasingly strong。

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